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Choose the Art for Martial Arts Training With the burgeoning popularity of mixed martial arts, more people than ever are becoming interested in martial arts training. Certain forms that have become popularized through MMA that you may recognize are Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (also sometimes called BJJ), Muay Thai, and Judo. These are only a few of […]

How to Prevent Injuries in Basketball Training Getting injured while playing basketball is common. Indeed, sports injuries themselves are common for many reasons. Players often engage in repetitive motions in sports like swinging a club in golf or throwing in baseball. Repetitive motion can cause increased wear on tendons and ligaments surrounding the joints involved […]

Drive Nation Discusses How Sports Benefit Young People Research has shown a downward trend in youth sport participation, and this is an alarming statistic. Participating in team sports provides young people with a healthy, positive extracurricular option that provides exercise, team building, and fulfills their social needs in healthy ways. With an upward trend of […]

How Basketball Training Improves Your Health Basketball training is a great way to improve your overall health. Health should be a major focus for anyone because maintaining a healthy body, as well as a healthy mind, affects how we are able to live our lives. Poor health leads to weight problems, chronic pain, medical issues, […]

Tips for Promoting Sportsmanship in Youth Basketball Sportsmanship is perhaps one of the most important factors of any youth sport. Skills are basically useless if athletes cannot participate in a friendly, respectful competition. Drive Nation believes that promoting good sportsmanship when training youth basketball players builds stronger players, creates closer teammates, and ensures that competitions […]