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Three of the Most Effective Basketball Training Drills for Defense

Young man practicing basketball training drills

Three of the Most Effective Basketball Training Drills for Defense One of the most important aspects of basketball is, unfortunately, also one of the most overlooked. Many young people are less interested in playing good defense in exchange for working on their dribbling or three-point shot. However, ask your coach what is most important to […]

Martial Arts Training: Choosing the Right Discipline for Your Child

Children in the midst of martial arts training

Martial Arts Training: Choosing the Right Discipline for Your Child Many parents are interested in signing their children up for martial arts training but are unsure of which discipline will be the best for their child. Many are not even sure where to begin their search for a martial arts school. Today, Drive Nation’s blog […]

Drive Nation Discusses the Best Quarterbacks of All-Time

Drive Nation discusses the three best quarterbacks of all-time

Drive Nation: The Three Best Quarterbacks of All-Time Everybody loves a good sports debate. Well, actually, not everybody loves a good sports debate, but a lot of sports fans do. Of those sports debates, few are as heated as the quest to determine the greatest quarterback of all-time. There is so much nuance to the […]

How to Become a Smarter Player Through Basketball Training

Drive Nation basketball training for your basketball IQ

Basketball Training: How to Improve Your Basketball IQ When it comes to basketball training, most people think only about the physical side of things – keeping your body in shape, developing your skills and maintaining long-term performance. While these are all vital in a game as physically demanding as basketball, the mental side of the […]

How to Coach Youth Basketball in the Three-Point Revolution

Drive Nation Youth Basketball

Youth Basketball: Adjusting to the Three-Point Revolution If you are a basketball fan, it is a good time to be alive. The National Basketball Association is loaded with as much talent as we have ever seen, headlined by the outrageous Warriors lineup. Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and company revolutionized basketball as we know it before […]

Drive Nation: Benefits of Adult Organized Sports

Group of adults playing basketball at drive nation

Drive Nation: Why Adults Should Play Organized Sports Most adults understand the benefits being involved in sports has on us at a young age. From learning about hard work and perseverance to the health benefits of an active lifestyle, sports for youths are seen as greatly beneficial. However, as adults age, we find less and […]

Taking Advantage of Limited Youth Football Practice

Youth football practice blocking sled

Youth Football: Getting the Most Out of Practice Time Most youth football teams have a limited time to practice – usually somewhere in the neighborhood of three hours a week and two hours per practice. However, just because time is limited does not mean your practice needs to be limited. Practice time is a valuable […]