We believe that all sports have a unique platform and power to transform our communities and the lives of our Nation’s greatest asset – children. We also recognize the importance of providing opportunities that help young people thrive and achieve personal victories that extend far beyond the game. Unfortunately, many children cannot access or afford to play organized and competitive sports. They are robbed of opportunities to have fun, build camaraderie with their peers, and experience the critical character and leadership lessons that sports provides. We envision a world where ALL kids have access to sports regardless of their background or socioeconomic status. The Drive Nation Foundation was founded to serve underprivileged youth and utilize the power of sports to build stronger and healthier communities.


The Drive Nation Foundation develops, educates, and empowers youth to become champions both on and off the court. We achieve this through programs and activities that are based on the foundation’s four Pillars to Success: Healthy Habits; Leadership & Character Building; Career Development; and Financial Literacy. With sports serving as our universal language and point of entry, our programs are specifically designed to Drive and evolve the minds and bodies of our Nation’s future leaders.




It’s critical to educate young athletes on the importance of nutrition, exercise, and recovery to help them sustain and develop their bodies and athletic abilities. This also prevents obesity and other diseases that are prevalent in low-income communities. Educating youth on the dangers of drugs & alcohol and raising awareness of mental health is also crucial, especially with the astounding rates of youth suicide and depression.

Programs will include cooking & nutrition classes for children and parents, exercise and strength training courses, and health & wellness seminars.  


Young athletes require an extraordinary level of emotional intelligence to overcome the challenges they face both on and off the court. This is particularly true for athletes with disadvantaged backgrounds. Providing opportunities to bond with their peers, give back to their communities, and develop valuable character traits is critical to their success as future leaders.

Group & community volunteer projects, conflict resolution workshops, and activities off the court that promote leadership skills are just a few examples of the programs that The Drive Nation Foundation will provide.


The statistics are clear – the NCAA reports that less than one percent of all amateur athletes play at a professional level. Our goal is to encourage youth to discover their passion and interests outside of sports, and it begins with exposure. Children will never understand or consider the possibility of being a Scientist, an IT Analyst, or even a Sports Broadcaster if they lack opportunities to engage with adults in various professions. The Drive Nation Foundation is committed to nurturing our youth and their talents beyond the court, which is vital to the sustainability of North Texas and communities nationwide. 

Programs will include Corporate HQ & College Tours, a Speaker Series that features entrepreneurs and successful leaders in sports and business, Internships & Job-Shadowing, STEM activities, and much more.   


Families in low-income communities often lack the resources to learn the basics of budgeting, credit, investing, and other finance-related topics that can reduce poverty and eliminate barriers to building generational wealth. The Drive Nation Foundation’s goal is to ensure that our families are equipped with the right tools and knowledge to achieve financial freedom. 

 Program examples include Money Management seminars for children and parents, virtual Stock Market games, and lessons on Investment Accounts.  



We encourage you to stand with us and join our efforts to positively impact thousands of North Texas children and families through the power of sports. Whether you choose to donate money, time, or other resources, we recognize the importance of joining forces with the community. Please consider a one-time or recurring monthly gift by clicking the donation button below, or you may contact us to learn more about sponsorships and opportunities for engagement.

For more information please contact: 

Kimberly Waller


Cell: (708) 522-7277