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Drive Nation: Lesser Known Sports That Will be Common Soon

Children playing rugby similar to what is played at Drive Nation

Drive Nation: Lesser Known Sports That Will be Common Soon

The sports landscape is constantly evolving in the U.S. as kids become interested in games that were ignored by previous generations. Whether it is because of an increased variety of available sports or successful marketing attempts by lesser-known sports organizations, sports that many of us never envisioned growing in the U.S. are exploding in popularity. Today, Drive Nation would like to discuss some of these growing sports and how you can get your young ones involved.


Believe it or not, Rugby is currently the fastest growing sport in the US over the last five years. A recent survey found that around 2.1 million kids in the U.S. currently are active in some form of rugby league. Rugby has grown over 81 percent over the last five years and shows no signs of slowing. Already a mainstay on college campuses, many parents are opting for rugby over football as more information regarding the dangers of CTE and football come to the surface. Rugby growth can also be attributed to the lower barrier of entry regarding costs compared to football. Underfunded public schools are able to afford a rugby team in many situations where football equipment would be too expensive. Rugby is more gender-inclusive compared to football as well, with women’s rugby recently joining the Olympics and more universities beginning to offer female rugby support. For many reasons, prepare yourself for rugby as a legitimate mainstay in U.S. culture. At Drive Nation, we are preparing as our total player development program is perfect for potential young rugby players. Drive Nation offers physical development programs designed to promote and facilitate physical fitness and rugby, a very physical sport, is perfect for our development programs.


Lacrosse is another quickly growing sport in the U.S. team sports landscape. National participation topped 825,000 players on organized teams in 2016. Compared to 2001 numbers of 250,000, lacrosse has experienced an increase of over 225% in the last fifteen years. Lacrosse growth stems from a couple of reasons. University participation is a huge component, many student athletes are finding it much easier to get a scholarship for lacrosse than one of the Big 3 sports football, baseball, and basketball. Lacrosse has been largely based in the northeast. However, it is quickly spreading west as participation grows. More youths are choosing lacrosse as exposure to the sport continues to grow.


While futsal is not growing to the extent of the previous two sports, investors believe that futsal could be the next big thing in the US. Similar to soccer, futsal is played indoors on a smaller court with a smaller ball and goal. Focusing on handling and skill moves futsal is a fantastic development tool for those who regularly play soccer. Drive Nation has prepared for this growth, as we offer futsal training, camps, and open play at our facility. This fast-paced, competitive and fun sport is on pace to becoming a household name in the very near future.

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