Drive Nation is designed to meet the growing need and largely unmet demand for year-round, advanced performance training and event venues in the region. The sports facility will be built on best practices utilizing state-of-the-art surfaces and finishes to create a world class sports and recreation facility.

The Drive Nation sports facility will consist of approximately 91,000 square feet of hard structure featuring the hardwood court area, mezzanine viewing spaces, café and seating area, multi-purpose rooms, team rooms, conference room, restrooms, and other supporting spaces. Additionally, a turf field will be programmed for activities such as soccer, football, and sports performance training. Adjacent to the turf will be performance training, a speed track, strength components, and a Hydroworx therapy/training center.

ATHOS – Performance Gear at Our Sports Facility

Science behind Athos—called Electromyography—studies the electrical pulses that occur when muscles are activated. It has been used in the medical realm for rehabilitation and physiotherapy for athletes as well as those suffering from degenerative muscular diseases. The Athos shirts have 14 muscle sensors, breathing- and heart-rate sensors, an accelerometer, and a magnetometer to track shifts in position, number of reps, and balance, among other factors.

The lower-body attire has eight sensors that measure heart rate and muscle usage. These sensors relay information to the Core, a device that inserts into a slot on any of the garments and connects wirelessly to a smartphone via Bluetooth.

man in hydroworx machine at drive nation sports facility

HydroWorx 300 Series Underwater Treadmills

The HydroWorx 300 Series is the benchmark for self-contained, construction-free underwater treadmill devices. Utilizing warm water therapy as a medium to enhance rehabilitation and performance through water’s buoyancy, resistance and hydrostatic pressure, this advanced hydrotherapy system provides the ultimate rehabilitation advantage.

ShotTracker® is wearable tech for the baller that automatically tracks your shot attempts, makes, and misses. Slide the wrist sensor into your wristband or shooting sleeve (sold separately), attach the net sensor to the net, launch the ShotTracker app and start shooting.

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