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Soccer Training in the Offseason

Soccer Training during the offseason

How to Stay in Shape by Soccer Training in the Off Season

Soccer is one of the most intense endurance sports out there. Many players will run seven miles or more during a game! That’s a lot for anyone, but it’s really difficult if you’re not in shape. That’s why it’s important for you to stay in shape during the offseason. Besides maintaining your endurance, it’s an opportunity to hone and sharpen your skills. Today in the Drive Nation blog, we talk about soccer training you can do in the offseason to make sure you’re ready when the season comes around.


During the offseason, one of the most important things you can do for your continued soccer training is to maintain your fitness level. We’ll break this down into three different segments: strength, cardio, and skills. A good mix of focus on these aspects of your fitness routine will make sure you’re more than ready when the season starts.


Ideally, when you strength train, you can get in some lifting reps. Exercises such as squats are ideal for improving leg strength. Bench press, pull-ups, deadlifts, and more are great for your shoulders, arms, and core too. If you’re lifting, you’ll want to have a full-body workout in order to work all the important muscle groups. Of course, this advice is dependant on if you’re old enough to lift. If you’re still too young to lift, playing scrimmages and practicing your shots will be enough training to keep you strong. You can mix in some simple exercises like push-ups if desired.


Remember those seven miles per game we were talking about earlier? Yeah, those aren’t easy to do if you slack in the offseason. You should plan to dedicate a couple workout days to your cardio level. Try to do about 30 minutes of cardio during these sessions. Whether that’s running, or playing a game of soccer with friends, as long as you’re doing something aerobic that gets the heart pumping.


Of course, you’ll want to dedicate some time each week to work on your skills. Run some soccer training drills that work on your handling, shooting, and other fundamentals. If you’re working hard enough, this can count as your cardio workout. Just make sure you’re focusing on getting better.


We can’t stress this part enough. One of the most important parts of soccer training during the offseason is proper rest. If you’re not resting enough, you won’t reap any benefits from the exercises you’re doing. This is because your body needs time to repair itself. Take at least a couple rets days every week to make sure you’re not pushing yourself too hard.

Soccer Training at Drive Nation

Of course, you can always bring your soccer training routine to the next level by training with Drive Nation. We have a variety of soccer camps and clinics throughout the year to make sure you stay in shape and your skills stay sharp. Contact us today for more information about our soccer camps and clinics, or visit this page to sign up.