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Sports Facility Technology: What is PlaySight?

Sports Facility PlaySight

Advances in Sports Facility Tech: Explaining PlaySight

As technology advances, so does our ability to analyze strengths and weaknesses in the players who train and play at our sports facility. One of the incredible technologies we use to do this is the PlaySight SmartCourt. Today in the Drive Nation blog, we’ll be talking more about the SmartCourt and how it helps you improve your game.

Our Sports Facility Offers the Latest Technologies

In an effort to always be at the forefront of premium training and sports destinations, we are always looking to implement the most advanced technologies in our sports facility. When we tell our players that we can offer them the best place to play and train, we mean it. We are able to fully backup statements like these with technologies like the SmartCourt. After doing extensive research, we determined the Playsight SmartCourt would be the training device for our basketball and volleyball players. Here’s why.

What is the PlaySight SmartCourt?

The PlaySight SmartCourt allows us to completely change our approach to coaching and measuring analytics for players. The PlaySight SmartCourt has a wide variety of features that allows you to measure metrics and analyze a variety of different sports, making it perfect for our sports facility. We can do biotechnical and tactical analysis for basketball and volleyball players thanks to PlaySight SmartCourt technology. It also has live streaming and instant replay features, allowing us to go back and look and tape, and analyze the movements of players. This lets us show players exactly what they’re doing right and what they need to work at on a play to play basis. This also means you can view the games if you’re not able to make it there in person. The PlaySight SmartCourt app gives us direct access to all the metrics and statistics that players want to see. This technology truly helps us put our sports facility above the rest when it comes to advanced training methods. The ability to make a professional analysis and analyze practices, games, and training sessions lets us bring our players skills to the next level.

Come Train and Play at Drive Nation

Get the most out of your training by coming to Drive Nation. Our state of the art sports facility has everything you need to bring your game to the next level. We offer training and leagues for a variety of sports. Contact us today or continue browsing our website for more information on all of our sports programs that we offer.