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Tips for Developing Quarterbacks in Youth Football

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Developing Quarterbacks in Youth Football

The quarterback is one of the most important positions in football – at any level. The nature of the sport forces the ball into the quarterback’s hands nearly every play. While the quarterback position does not have the same stakes as a teenager as it can later in their careers, the early teen years are integral to development. One of the special aspects of coaching youth football is seeing the huge strides these young players make in their game. With the right guiding hand you can help to foster this development and promote an excitement with your players. Today, Drive Nation would like to discuss some tips to help improve the development of the quarterback position on a youth football team.

Tips For Developing Quarterbacks in Youth Football

Focus on Biomechanics

One of the most common issues that developing quarterbacks face is how bad mechanics limit their potential to improve their throwing motion and overall game. This is something that can easily be worked on using consistent drills and regular monitoring. Things like knee drills, where the quarterback throws from one or two knees and focuses on arm mechanics, should be done regularly to check and improve their mechanics. Developing proper mechanics also helps to fight against injury risk. Poor mechanics can put unnecessary wear on your quarterback’s shoulder and elbows and addressing mechanical issues in youth football before the player is fully grown can help deter those injuries.

Prepare for Mental Aspect of the Game

One of the most important parts of the quarterback position is the mental aspect of the game. Learning to read defenses, the details of your offense, and the ability to quickly process this information to make split-second decisions is maybe the most difficult part of playing quarterback. The most physically talented quarterback will struggle if they do not work on the mental part of their game. Teaching the X’s and O’s may not be as fun or engaging as playing the game but your quarterback will be a better player for it.

Work on Agility and Running Drills

Physicality and the ability to move with the ball in your hands is becoming more important in youth football as spread concepts are becoming such a big part of football. Working on your quarterback’s mobility can not only help their development but will also allow them to improve on an important aspect of their game. Mobile or, “two-way” quarterbacks, who can run and throw are becoming more and more sought after in the college game. Training your youth football quarterbacks to improve their mobility will help their future prospects and help to create a better player.

Youth Football Training at Drive Nation

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