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Why Volleyball Training Improves Overall Athleticism

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Why Volleyball Training Helps with All Sports

Many people do not first think of volleyball when thinking of intense athletes. However, the truth is that volleyball is one of the most physically demanding sports around. Strength, speed, vertical explosion, stamina, and lateral quickness are the most important traits to look for in a volleyball player. It just so happens that these skills are important in nearly any sport. And volleyball training facilitates these traits in a big way. What do you think of when you imagine a volleyball game? Most of you would probably say players sprinting to a spot and jumping at the net to spike or block. The repetitive nature of jumping for spikes and blocks helps to facilitate the development of extremely athletic ability. Today, Drive Nation would like to discuss the many benefits of volleyball training and how the skills you learn apply to any sport you may be interested in. Learn more below.

Physical Development from Volleyball Training

A well-structured volleyball training program will increase explosive power, vertical jump height, speed, agility, and strength. The length of games and pace of play places a major demand on the player’s strength endurance. As players need to remain explosive the entirety of the game volleyball training does not focus merely on explosive power, but also the ability to quickly recover and repeat the strenuous movements. It is no surprise that volleyball players have incredible lower body strength and movement stamina. Most importantly, this skillset can apply to nearly any sport. Basketball requires a nearly identical skill set, with athletes who have lower body strength and explosive movement ability at a premium. Football players especially skill positions like receivers, tight ends, and defensive backs needing explosive jumping ability. Any athlete can benefit from the unique skill set developed through volleyball training.

Eye Training

One of the most underappreciated traits of the really great athletes is their vision. Training an athlete’s vision helps to improve reaction time and general awareness whether you are on a court, field, or diamond. Volleyball training is excellent at helping to train athletic vision and spatial awareness.

Functional Movement

Many athletes who only train one specific sport put themselves at risk of injury as they are training for very specific movements. Changing up your training and improving functional movement and athleticism is a key component to teaching your body to safely and effectively work. Volleyball training is extremely effective at teaching functional movement as you are often put into unorthodox positions in order to save balls.

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